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Hi, I’m Roger Treese.

I Help Business Engage, Execute

and Retain. 


I2S recommends management lead the company into "Outcome-based Value Selling." Meaning - STOP TRANSACTION SELLING - START EDUCATING.

Fading 'features and functions' selling is shifting sales teams to get on board with the Customer-Centric model. As one example, TSIA predicted that 80% of new technology spend will sit with the "business buyers" no longer a transactional purchase where past customer engagement teams have been interacting with IT and procurement departments. These buyers don’t want to talk about product features and functions, they want to engage with partners and individuals who can explain how their proposed solution will lean into achieving specific business outcomes - it's the client's purchasing priority.

Think about your Website blanketing it in 'customer education.' Immediately upon arrival blow out your visitors with secrets and how-to resolves that help guide all visitors 24/7, wherever they are in their buying cycle.

Pointillist, the leader in Customer Journey Analytics and Orchestration described it perfectly in their 2020 report. It's a more specific tactic of journey analytic software revealing the actual paths your customers take, as they engage with your company across touchpoints and over time managing customer journeys, measuring outcomes, and improving experiences.
More later - Roger Treese - Insight2Sales

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